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What is the difference between cold-rolled strip and hot-rolled strip?
Release time:2018-6-28 18:34:16      Number of clicks:594
Although there is only one word difference between cold-rolled strip and hot-rolled strip, there is a big difference between them. What is the difference between cold-rolled strip and hot-rolled strip?
Cold-rolled steel belt manufacturer, said the cold rolling belt is a kind of hot-rolled steel belt or steel plate as raw material, processed and made out of a cold-rolled material, often has been widely used in engineering machinery, transportation machinery, construction machinery, lifting machinery, agricultural machinery, light industry and civil industry, etc. And hot rolled strip is what we call hot plate.
For cold rolling bring said, it is a way of cold rolling processing, surface without its scale, and the quality is good, compared with hot-rolled steel said, the nature is a way of hot rolling, the surface has a scale, and its thickness also have difference.
In addition, cold-rolled strips are more expensive in price, while hot-rolled ones are cheaper.
Of course, in terms of performance, the elongation and rolling speed of cold-rolled strip are superior to hot-rolled strip, which is also a great advantage of cold-rolled strip compared with hot-rolled strip.
Cold rolled strip is very different from hot rolled strip. Compared with hot rolled strip, cold rolled strip has many advantages in use.
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