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Different applications of cold-rolled steel belts are also different
Release time:2018-6-28 18:35:29      Number of clicks:534
As is known to all, cold rolled steel in hot rolling strip steel or steel plate as the raw materials, suppression of timber at room temperature by cold rolling mill, cold rolling steel strip with smooth surface, smooth, uniform thickness, high dimensional accuracy and mechanical performance is good wait for a characteristic, was deeply loved by the masses of users. However, there are many types of cold-rolled strip steel, and different types of cold-rolled strip steel have different applications.
1, for some strength, hardness, flexibility and high hardenability are cold rolled steel strip, sensitivity and temper brittleness tendency for overheating, water quenching has a tendency to form cracks, machinability of annealing states can also, but the cold deformation is low, poor weldability, mainly used for the production of high wear-resistant parts.
2, after quenching tempering of cold rolled strip steel with high hardness and wear resistance, but low red hardness and low hardenability, easy to deformation, plastic and intensity is low, it is mainly used for metal cutting blade, saw blade and other tools.
3. Some cold-rolled strip steel is suitable for manufacturing mechanical parts with dynamic load, small impact load and good wear resistance.
4. Some cold-rolled strip steels improve the hardenability through manganese, and the surface decarbonization tendency is smaller than that of silicon steels. This kind of product is used for cushion spring, spring spring spring spring, spring ring, valve spring, clutch spring, brake spring and other auto parts.
Therefore, when choosing cold-rolled strip steel, it is better to choose cold-rolled strip steel products according to the actual demand.

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