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Two methods for deep processing of cold-rolled strip steel
Release time:2018-6-28 18:34:59      Number of clicks:219
Cold rolled steel strip is a common steel, not only the cost is low, and the performance is good, of course, in order to be able to play the biggest performance of cold rolled strips, deep processing is little not, how to carry on the deep processing of cold-rolled strip steel? Cold-rolled strip mill gives the following two methods.
Method 1: acid-free dephosphorization of cold-rolled strip steel.
Raw materials for pickling of cold rolled strip steel is the biggest pollution produced by production time, many people use shot peening to phosphorus removal, of course, also have electrolysis, effect is the same, basically all is not very good. Now, phosphorus is best is acid free phosphorus removal, and the main steps is to let the cold rolled steel strip in the environment of no oxygen gas burner with grey to blow out, and quickly achieve the corresponding temperature, the process have to be mixed in hydrogen, of course, but also to prevent the cold rolled strip steel cooling to room temperature oxidation phenomenon appeared.
Method 2: cooling and lubrication of cold-rolled strip steel.
Will follow strip cold rolling lubrication waste liquid to cold rolling workshop together, this will undoubtedly cause pollution, at the same time, the requirements for fire safety grade is high, it is need to conquer, is also the general cold rolled strip steel factory needs to take corresponding measures to deal with.
The above are two deep processing methods of cold-rolled strip steel, hoping to bring help for better production and use of cold-rolled strip steel.

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